Significance Of Intellectual Property In Health Sector

Jan 312019
Ketana Babaria Ketana Babaria

Introduction The growing progress of science and technology is leading us to a more comfortable and tech-savvy future. New technology saves time and energy, new software protect our privacy, and new medicines are saving thousands of lives every day. However, with growing inventions and newer ones in the pipeline, it is integral to safeguard the intellectual property of individuals. We’re all aware of how costly it can be to introduce a new medicine or tablet Continue reading...

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Transferring Of Patent

Jan 192019
Ketana Babaria Ketana Babaria

INTRODUCTION The importance of intellectual property in today’s world is unfathomable. People today are more vigilant about their intellectual property than they were a decade ago. The protection of intellectual property is integral in order to encourage innovation and creativity in inventions and also to give an incentive to the inventors and creators. In order to avoid any discrepancies, various global organizations have ever since formulated numerous treaties for the systematic working and smooth facilitation Continue reading...

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